Tuesday, 10 January 2012

#5 Iris Apfel for MAC

L-R: Please me, Scarlet Ibis, Barcelona Red

After seeing much hype on Twitter about the limited editions of Iris Apfel lipsticks for MAC, I headed straight to the website to have a look for myself - and was pleasantly suprised! The whole range is full of bright colours and does vary out of lipsticks also.
Initially I wanted Flamingo, which is described online as a light milky bright coral, but it was sold out along with Party Parrot and Pink Pigeon (this may have changed since I was on the site) so I went for Scarlet Ibis - which is now sold out - a very bright orange-red! The finish on this colour is my personal favourite, matte and lasts an awful long time! Its easy to apply and gives such a statement effect!
This is only my third MAC lipstick, but in comparison (see second photo) is the brightest I own. Sadly I think its a little too bright for everyday and popping to Tesco but I will definately be getting a lot of use of this colour when going out.. which sadly means it will end up the same shape as my go-to shade of Please me :(
So so so happy with it and have my fingers crossed for the rest of the shades to come back into stock so I can get them all (if anyone has reviewed Flamingo or Morange please link!)

Oh and while I'm here.. I ordered a pair of Cornflower blue skinnies from ASOS and cannot decide whether to keep them or not so opinions are much appreciated! :)


  1. Keep the skinnies! They are the perfect colour for spring! Love a good MAC lipstick colour looks fab on you xx

  2. Love the colours
    Laur x


  3. please me is one of my have lipsticks from mac!

  4. bold red lips look very good on you.