Tuesday, 4 September 2012

i'm back!

So I haven't blogged in a good 8/9 months, but I plan to in the future. I planned 2012 to be the best year ever and sadly it has been quite the opposite! Anyway, I have felt a little inspired to get back at it after I started reading Bel's blog :) 

T-shirt: Topshop || Leggings: American Apparel || Waistcoat: H&M || Bag: eBay 
Watch: Fossil || Bracelet: Pandora

This is an outfit I would probably wear to uni or something, I haven't been up to much today so it's been nice to just wear something super comfy, although not the most flattering. I really love this little pleather waistcoat I got a few weeks back from H&M it really adds an edginess! 
I can't seem to locate the t-shirt on the Topshop website but I only bought it yesterday so it should definitely be in store.

Hope to be back soon! 

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  1. love the top and that leopard item in your wardrobe! x