Thursday, 15 December 2011

#2 Favourite Boots

'Acorn' Boots - ASOS
Right, so I bought these about a month ago now after a long time of looking at Chelsea boots and thinking should I? shouldn't I?
But when I found these on ASOS, I couldn't say no at all - even at £65 (minus student discount)! I totally do not regret it as they are my all time favourite and actually fairly comfortable. They're real leather so not only do they smell incredibly good, but they will last a good amount of time. The tan colour goes with pretty much everything and really makes jeans look less scruffy :) The only negative I could possibly say about them is how they are so rounded upon the front (see below) and you kind of rock forward on them?
All in all, I love them and am trying to hold myself back from buying the velvet editions (either in green or indigo) which are both on sale at £45.50!!


  1. amazing boots! are they difficult to walk in? x

  2. Ooh gorgeous, I don't care what you say though they look painful lol.